I love this doctor so much that I’ve been going here my entire life. 40+ years later they’re still the best and all know me very well.

I was a new patient there, recently moved to the Atlanta area, and this office was probably one of the best I’ve been to. I hadn’t had a teeth cleaning in about 2 years so I was a little nervous but they were very non-judgmental and helpful. Their customer service was amazing, and they literally explained everything before doing anything. They also didn’t use any crazy dentist language when explaining things, so it was really easy to understand. 🙂

Every visit to Dr. Robbins has been a 5 star rating. Dr. Robbins is delightful, always in great spirits, and extremely professional. Just looking at her smile puts you at ease. That smile is as beautiful as her work(wo)manship, and my results are living proof of the caliber of work she performs. True to her word every step of the way. Viable candidate for Dentist of the year.

So professional, great touch, communication with me was awesome as she shared with me everything she was doing. She always goes the extra mile regarding my teeth!!!!! Totally the BEST dentist I’ve ever had!!!! Thank you!!!

Dr. Robbins is the best dentist I know… and I know a lot of dentists!

Very thorough and professional.

Dr. Patrice Robbins is the BEST! She clearly knows her stuff. I highly recommend her.

Dr. Robbins is wonderful! She was very informative and gave me options.

Best dentist ever! Finally, someone that listens and works with me to obtain what I want. Very kind, caring, and professional. Meticulous at her job!

Professional, cordial, personable, and I trust her.

Dr. Robbins is excellent. Very caring and goes above and beyond.

I have now referred 3 different people to their practice. Always on time, very honest, and great folks!

Best, most caring dentist ever!!! Kind, very communicative and wants to be sure you understand all options and potential issues. Technically very skilled and stays VERY current in knowledge of the field.

Dr. Robbins is a wonderful dentist. She’s very gentle and explains each step as she performs it.

Dr. Nayee is as impeccable as they come. I have never seen any kind of doctor so nice, I thought he was a psychiatrist.

I got my filling done with Dr. Nayee and he referred me to an oral surgeon for my wisdom teeth removal. I will continue to go to Dr. Nayee as long as he’s in practice.

Dr Nayee himself is very well spoken and talented – you’d be hard pressed to find a better dentist. I like his mannerisms quite a bit and he’s very meticulous – exactly how you’d like your dentist to be. Kudos to him and his staff for making dentistry a pleasant experience!

They are both top notch, very nice and caring, and would bend over backward to help me out.  They are empathetic; I think the recommendations they make are the same as what they would actually do if they were in my situation.  Dr. Nayee has responded to my emails and phone calls outside of office hours several times.  Also, their billing staff have their acts together.  Before them, I was at one of the big chain dental practices where I never saw the same dentist twice and their office staff were incompetent.  You won’t go wrong

Excellent all round experience, great dentist who does what’s needed and not upsell stuff I don’t need. And I did not have to wait more than a minute to be sat down in the dental chair and looked at.