Are you in Dunwoody, Georgia with a dental emergency? Fear not! At Brightworks Dentistry, we are available to perform emergency dental care. Injuries to the mouth may include teeth that are knocked out, forced out of position, loosened or fractured. Oral injuries are painful and should be treated as soon as possible. 
How do you know if you are in a dental emergency? Dental emergencies come in many forms. Some dental emergencies are more urgent than others, therefore the timeliness of your actions after a dental injury will have a bearing on the final outcome. A dental emergency can occur to the gums, soft tissue in your mouth, jaw as well as your teeth. 
If your tooth has been knocked out or you lost your tooth, Generally, your changes to save the natural tooth decrease after half an hour. So Calling Brightworks Dentistry in Dunwoody, Georgia as soon as possible is a crucial step. 
If you have a broken, chipped or cracked tooth, it may not require an emergency visit. However, visit our office as soon as possible for restorative dentistry to fix your tooth to keep your smile healthy. 
Our highly trained dentists at Brightworks Dentistry in Dunwoody, Georgia treat various dental emergencies with compassion and care. Call our office at 770-458-3600 to receive immediate help.